p.a.m.e.l.a. is an upcoming Sci-Fi First-Person survival game where any decision you make, could very well be your last. Explore a world of wonders and unpredictability as you learn the key to survival. It is about exploring humanities fascination with technology and perfection. There are day/night cycles, dynamic weather and permadeath. In normal mode, your world will persist as you left it but your character will start over. In hardcore mode, everything is lost.

There is not currently a co-op mode but the developers are hoping to have that in eventually.


  • Explore and Unforgiving Paradise
    • There are many miraculous sights to see and things to find on Eden 52. If only you can survive to discover them. With a massive city environment, from malls to nightclubs, there will always be something new just around the corner.
  • Surviving Against All Odds
    • The workings of Eden are foreign, the residents mad with unpredictability. Your every decision to eat sleep or drink may be your last. Time, you'll find, is the most precious commodity.
  • Wield Unconventional Weaponry
    • Wars are a figment of the past, weapons as they exist today are irrelevant. Utilize the pacification devices of the Peacekeepers, or the numerous utilitarian gadgets of various professions around Eden. All mount directly to your AARM, your access point between yourself, and all the rest of the technology on Eden 52.
  • Immersive Technology
    • Your holopad contains all the functions necessary to survive, in an immersive format that won't draw you out of the world. View your status, inventory, loadouts and more at the touch of your finger.



PAMELA - Announcement Trailer

PAMELA - Announcement Trailer